Welcome to free entrepreneurship learning online

Interested in starting a business?
Do you have a passion or hobby that could be turned into a new start-up?
Are you looking for a new start in your career?
This simple and fast learning program is aimed at exploring and developing your skills, knowledge and understanding of how to develop a business idea and start your business.

The program has three tracks - the first two for those in the pre-start training and the third for those who want to learn about the start-up stage.

Getting Started!

Explore your potential and find your idea...

Find out more about your own entrepreneurial skills,
how to explore your ideas and define the one you want to develop further. The final stage is about creating a pitch for your idea!

Next Steps!

Turn your best idea into a living project...

Take your business idea to the next level with the Creative Project Canvas. This will help you to identify the strengths and opportunities across all the aspects of your idea and Its potential as a business

Going Further!

Learn from others experiences ...

Access expertise and stories on key issues faced by any new start-up. It can be useful learning from both successes and failure, from entrepreneurs in all walks of life. And never forget to reflect on your wellbeing
through the start-up experience.

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