Welcome to free entrepreneurial learning online: 

There are 3 courses split into 3 modules each, to help you to move from Getting Started with your entrepreneurial idea and opportunities, through Next Steps to convert your entrepreneurial idea into action, Going Further which provides expertise and information to support new and existing businesses. You are invited to explore all 3 of the courses on offer.

Getting Started – This course is suitable for people considering self-employment or a new entrepreneurial project.
Next Steps – This course is suitable for people who have an entrepreneurial idea and wish to develop it further and for people already in business who want to develop their entrepreneurial competences.
Going Further – This course is suitable for new and existing entrepreneurs seeking to access further support and advice.


Module 1 – Explore entrepreneurship
(What is entrepreneurship and what are entrepreneurial competences?)

Module 2- Explore your early idea
(Explore your own entrepreneurial ideas)

Module 3 – Pitch your idea for feedback
(Develop your entrepreneurial idea further. Learn how to effectively pitch your idea for feedback.)


Module 1 – Introduction to Creative Canvas Project
(Introduction to using the “Creative Project Canvas”)

Module 2 – Exploring networks and your project workflow
(Who will help you? In what ways? What do you need? What do you need to do?)

Module 3 – Your business image and audience
(Identify your champions and critics, get feedback from your potential customers. Complete and download your creative canvas project)


Module 1- Learning from others
(Learning from the successes and failures of diverse entrepreneurs, developing the right mindset to see mistakes as valuable learning opportunities)

Module 2 – Taking care of yourself and your business
(How to manage stress, sustain a positive mindset and be resilient through challenging times)

Module 3- Business in Belgium – insights
(Learn more about your location, local culture and languages. Review important advice for financial and legal issues in Belgium)

1. DIGITAL CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION are available for each of the courses on submission of the evaluation forms. These can be used to evidence your learning and participation on these courses.

2. MENTORING CIRCLES – We are delighted to be able to invite you to our innovative, online face to face mentoring circles. The lucky participants will learn how to evaluate business ideas and provide constructive and positive challenge and advice to peers also working to improve their businesses. Not only do participants receive invaluable advice on how to improve their business, but also meet other local entrepreneurs to build contacts and networks. Participants will learn and practice how to think critically about business ideas and take a solution-focussed approach to issues and problems. In this way participants develop essential communication and collaboration skills.

The mentoring circles have been designed to enrich the learning of participants who have completed at least one full course from the three courses offered.

If you would like to take part in one of these mentoring sessions in spring 2021, please write to us